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DT week – a visit from Mrs Gilbertson

Class 3 had a lovely visit from Mrs Gilbertson on Wednesday.

She is a talented chocolatier! We learnt about how chocolate is made and where it come from. Yummy!



Valentines Day

Class 3 have been making valentines gifts for their loved ones at home. We hope you liked them!

Hedgehog Facts

Today we have been editing our Clicker 7 books on nocturnal animals.

We had to click edit to be able to amend our book and add so that we could add sentences to our hedgehog page.

We talked about using the fantastic five when writing sentences and added hedgehog facts to our work.

We navigated around the text to correct spellings and add capital letters.

Do you like our hedgehog facts?

Can you share a fact about hedgehogs with us?

Luke and Leo

By Luke and Leo

Olivers hedgehog sentences

By Oliver




Fantastic Five

Today we have been thinking about using the fantastic five in our writing, whether that is in our books, or when we are on the computer. We have been practising moving around a piece of text to add capital letters and full stops using the arrow keys.

IMG_1849  IMG_1850

Can you spot where the capital letters and full stops should be for these facts about nocturnal animals?

a bats heart beats 1,000 times a minute when they are flying

bats eat frogs and fish

bats are the only mammals that can fly

a hedgehog has 5,000 spines over its body

hedgehogs use their noses to smell the earth for insects and worms

you can find hedgehogs in different parts of europe, africa and asia

foxes can be found in the city and the countryside

foxes eat eggs, insects and rabbits


Today we started creating our own books on nocturnal animals using Clicker 7.

We created our title page and our first page, which is going to be about hedgehogs.

We used the paint feature to create our pictures.

IMG_1800  IMG_1796

Joseph C

By Joseph

Can you share a fact about hedgehogs?

Nocturnal Animals

How many different nocturnal animals can you think of? What do they eat? Do they have any special features? What habitats do they live in?

Use the links below to help you find some facts and leave a post on the padlet or a comment to share.

Nocturnal Animals
BBC Bitesize

Made with Padlet
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Space Explorers

In our computing lesson today we have been drawing ourselves as space explorers. We used the paint pot, paint brush and circular shape tools to draw our pictures. We also used different paint effects.

IMG_1782 IMG_1789 IMG_1779

Do you like Ava and Oliver’s picture? What would you like to explore in space?

Oliver and Ava

Words Within Words

We had a video message from Stella Speller this morning. Watch the video and see how many words you can find within your spellings this week.

Stella Speller – Words Within Words from Mrs Atherton on Vimeo.

Hopwood’s History Timeline

Throughout the year, each class will be adding posts to the timeline, which will include key historical dates and periods from their learning.

Peace at Last

We have been reading the story of Peace at Last by Jull Murphy in class.

What can you remember about the story?

Which is your favourite part?

New School Year

Welcome back to school and Year 1.

We hope you have all had a great summer and you are ready for the year ahead. We are looking forward to exploring new topics with you and sharing our learning and writing on our blog.

What are you looking forward to this year?

Our Stockley Farm Recounts


This week we have been building up our skills in order to write a recount about our visit to Stockley Farm. We have been working in groups to think of lots of different verbs and putting them in the past tense in sentences. We then read out a sentence each in the past tense, here are some of our sentences.

Holly – When we were at Stockley Farm we shouted to wake up the goats.

Darrell – The baby lambs walked into the barn.

Grace – We waited for our turn to buy a toy.

Jacob – We played on the climbing frame.

Maddison – When I was walking a bird landed on the grass.

James – We explored on a tractor.

Katelin – A duck hissed at Stockley farm.

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Stockley Farm

Year 1 had an absolutely fantastic day at Stockley Farm!We did so many fun activities including feeding chickens, a nature walk, feeding kids (baby goats), grooming ponies and stroking polecats and rabbits.
We found out lots of information about how to take care of animals and what they eat.

Have a look at the Animoto below with lots of pictures from our trip.

What was your favourite part of Multicultural Arts Week?

Your homework this week is to leave a comment on the padlet below telling us what you have enjoyed the most this week.

Multicultural Arts Week

This week we are celebrating Multicultural Arts Week in school.
Year 1 have been looking at Aboriginal art and we have been creating some of our own dot paintings on different backgrounds including stones.




In our English lessons this week we are reading about meerkats. Today in ICT we are going to search for some interesting facts about meerkats and post them below


Learning Together

The Boggart of Boggart Hole Clough

Today we had a visitor that came to tell us all about the book that he has written and illustrated with his cousin. The book is called The Boggarts of Boggart Hole Clough. Mr Sullivan brought some of the characters to show us which he had made with clay and decorated himself using paint. We listened to the story and then created our own friendly monster.


IMG_3474 IMG_3477

Old and New Toys

Our topic this term is old and new toys and today we had a special visitor who came to tell us all about the toys that she used to play with when she was a child. Mrs Miller brought an old toy car to show us and she even made a cardboard doll house just like the one she used to play with when she was a child. She told us that she used to make her doll houses from old shoe boxes decorated with pictures from catalogs which she glued on using flour and water. She also showed us some of the games she used to play with her friends.




Our Class Assembly

This morning was our class assembly and we performed it to our family and friends.


We sang songs and shared our learning and who are superheroes are. You can find out who some of our superheroes are below by listening to our audiobooms.


Who is your superhero and why?

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